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Sweet Spot Fiber Tip Tweezers

Sweet Spot Fiber Tip Tweezers

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Our fiber tip tweezers make for the perfect pair! Rather a beginner lash artist or a master pro these are perfect for lashing! Our fiber tip tweezers eliminates finding the sweet spot each time you pick up a lash. The ENTIRE BASE is the sweet spot so you can pick up at the end, tip or towards the back of the tweezers. These are lightweight and easy to grip!

2 in 1 J Curve tweezers are perfect for isolation or volume lashing + placement

90 Degree tweezers can be used to pick up any type of lash you’re attempting. Perfect for Classic Lash Pickup + Volume Fanning + Placement! 

Our Fiber Tip Tweezers are :

• Slim and Lightweight 

• Fiber Tip for an all around Sweet Spot

• Diamond Grip 

• Non - Slip 

• Sharp Edge Design 

• Hand tested by Lash Artist for Quality 

• Chemical Safe 

*Be sure to purchase our tweezer cleaner to keep tweezers clean from glue build up while lashing 

* purchase as a pair to save $$$

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